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About Me

I'm obsessed with the '80s — hands down THE best years of my life. Granted, I was in the prime of my life, not reaching the double digits yet. Life was nothing but great music, neon-colored tights, and roller-skates that made an appearance at the roller arena each week.

Then I grew up...


Ahh, the '90s. I'm admitting right here that I'm a 90210 fanatic. The skates were hung up, and dating boys became the norm.


Also, then l began to adult...

Marriage, four boys, and what's that...I kind of became an author. I combined my love of reading, '80s bands, and the swoony men on 90210 to bring you sexy.humorous.smut.


But, then I was like, can I do more?


I'm also the founder of Books by the Bridge Author Events.



So if you don't find me writing or planning events, you'll find me with a plate of nachos binge watching Gilmore Girls for the millionth time. Team Logan all the way. 


Oh...and parenting but thats easy, right?

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