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Craving Her

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I was sick and tired of the pressure my family put on me. It’s what happens when your older brother is a self-made billionaire.

And the whole falling in love thing… screw it. Been there, done that.

So, I took a trip to figure out my life.

Until she walked into the bar, and I spent the whole weekend forgetting my life back home before her existed…


My life is a mess. 

Correction, my mother and her whole ‘fake’ marriage was a mess.

I was desperate to leave it all behind. So, I left the country and pretended I was someone else.

Like the night I entered the bar and called myself Olivia. 

At least, to the hot guy at the bar.

And then we had that weekend. The best weekend of my life. 

When Monday came, I fled.

Months later, he’s standing inside the kitchen of my stepfather’s home.

It turns out we shared the same best friend.

The same girl both of us had been running from…

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