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“As long as my heart beats, it’s all for you. I’ll find a way for us to be together. I swear, it’ll be us for life, baby. Ride or die, ‘til death us do part.”
And that was the last time I saw him...

He was my first love.
Shattered me, then left without a goodbye.
Eight years have passed, and now he's back.
But, I'm engaged.
And he will do anything to make sure I'm his... 𝘢𝘨𝘢𝘪𝘯.

I've fought hard to rebuild my life. So when the ever-so-perfect Julian Baker proposes marriage, I'm ready to forget the past and move on with my new love.

In a cruel twist of fate, my past and future collide. I'm forced to face the man who destroyed my heart back in high school.

Lex Edwards, turned billionaire tycoon, is ruthless, cunning, and will not stop until I'm his.

A complicated love triangle was never something I imagined when Julian proposed to me. Especially not involving Lex.
Hearts and egos are bound to be broken.
But whose heart will capture mine when the darkness fades? 


I was never supposed to fall in love with a married man.
My best friend’s brother.
I’d made too many mistakes in my past.
Like last night—when I married Lex Edwards impulsively. 

In a bid to finally find their happily ever after, Lex and Charlie find themselves on a journey of learning how to love again. They began a new future to move forward from a broken past, finally together at last. 

They vowed nothing would tear them apart… again.
But life’s cruel fate destroys their lives, and in desperate times they tear their love apart grieving over a lost loved one.

Lex and Charlie find themselves on the verge of finally saying goodbye to each other, until the return of a scorned ex-fiancé who’s desperate to claim back what was his.


I hear his words echo in my head. 
The voice telling me to leave her alone. 
The threat to end my life should I dare go near her. 

Julian Baker had it all. Stunning good looks, wealth, intelligence, and the girl. To everyone around him, he was Mr. Perfect. 

Fate was never on his side, and much like a domino effect, his life starts to spiral out of control. Behind the mask lies a broken man, haunted by his tragic past. In a bid to forget, he finds himself desperately trying to hold on to someone who is equally unattainable, Charlotte Edwards. 

In a last ditch effort to save himself, Julian reaches out for help, but the universe has other plans when someone completely unexpected walks into his life, and an unlikely friendship is formed. 

His enemy’s sister—Adriana Evans. 


Our vows were exchanged.
We had our whole lives planned out.
And even brought our son into this world.
Until hours later… when everything stopped, and you were suddenly gone.

Life was perfect, until the day the only man she had ever been with, the man who had stolen her heart at the tender age of seventeen, was taken away before his time. 

Desperate, angry, and unable to heal, Adriana hits rock bottom and is forced to seek help for the sake of her son. What she doesn’t expect is a friendship from an unlikely source—Julian Baker, her best friend’s ex-fiancé. 

Julian is every bit the man she isn’t expecting to walk into her life. Intelligent, witty, and extremely handsome. Their unique friendship soon turns into a forbidden relationship. As lovers, they form a bond that must remain hidden from their family and friends, but secrets can only be kept for so long. 

Adriana’s brother, Lex, loathes Julian and will stop at nothing to break them apart. 

Will Lex’s controlling nature and overprotective stance on his wife drive Adriana to end another great love in her life? Or will she finally heal with a man who never intended to steal her heart?


Triangular relationship 


  • consist of two friends, one of which has introduced a romantic partner into their life, causing a feeling of alienation for the “abandoned” friend.


I screwed up my perfect bachelor life in one single night. 

After that, I end up crashing at my cousin Charlie’s house with her family, which means kids.


It gets worse…

Charlie doesn’t care for my single life. 

She has it in her head I am a heartless playboy—Noah Mason will never commit to a woman.


My only saving grace is Kate, Charlie’s best friend. 

Kate is everything I need in my life right now—she’s sexy, intelligent, and willing to have unadulterated fun.

And we’re having the time of our lives.

That is until Kate dares me to commit to only one woman.

My so-called victim—a Hollywood movie star.

But I have to get past a roadblock first—her personal assistant.


Commitment is one thing, falling in love is another.

And I refuse to lose the bet.

There’s only one small problem….

Am I chasing the wrong woman?


My life is my work.

There's nothing wrong with being a strong, career-driven woman.

And especially nothing wrong with keeping a lover on the side.

Dominic has his life in the States, and I have mine here in Paris.


It was all working just fine.

Until my former best friend suddenly shows up.

Noah Mason. 


We mutually parted ways three years ago. 

Noah fell in love, got married, and I didn't want front row seats filled with heartbreak.

But now he's back and throwing around the dreaded 'D' word.



Things begin to shift.

Lines start to blur.

Our friendship is taking a different turn, and jealousy is an ugly curse.

Throw in a possessive lover, and you have yourself a complicated love triangle.

The odds are somebody's bound to get hurt.


They say you should never fall in love with your best friend.

Because when heartbreak strikes and you're falling, you risk not having a net to catch you.

But what if your best friend is the right man all along?