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The Dark Love Series Next Generation

Let me list the reasons why we cannot be together...

He is ten years older than me.

He is practically family.

And he is also my father’s business associate.


Amelia Edwards, the daughter of mogul Lex Edwards, is beginning her adult life. Away from home, she’s studying law at Yale and has the freedom of doing whatever she pleases without her controlling father watching her every move.


Family always comes first in the Edwards’ household. So, when her aunt insists Amelia visit her son, Will Romano, she does so out of obligation. The last time she saw him was years ago. But how terrible could it be? They had spent countless summers together, and her parents often referred to him as a son.


What she didn’t expect was a devastatingly sexy man—that is, if you can see past his cocky behavior. Will is an arrogant CEO with only one thing on his mind—becoming the next billionaire.


The rules are simple—they need to keep the affair hidden from their families. 


Everything goes smoothly until Will is offered something he can’t refuse. Lex Edwards is going to make Will a billionaire, and all he needs to do is give up the one thing money can’t buy…


The trouble with love is timing is everything…



I was never supposed to fall in love with an older man. Let alone a man who is practically family.

We were too much, too soon.  Our families were caught in the crossfire of our forbidden affair. 

So, we said our goodbyes.


Four years have passed, and my ex is back from London.

He’s just as devastatingly handsome as I remember. He’s a billionaire now, courtesy of the contract he signed, which forced him to leave me behind.

But now—I’m engaged.

A complicated love triangle was never something I envisioned when Austin proposed to me. Then again, neither was Will Romano’s return.

The man I fell in love with, and possibly—never stopped loving.




The moment I saw the photo of her wearing an engagement ring, it was impossible to sit back and do nothing.

It should have been us.


I’m ready to fight for her, against her father and anyone who stands in our way. Something I should have done four years ago.


Now, my only mission is to win her back. Make her see that age is nothing but a number, and no one else matters besides us.

That is until one night my life changed forever.


All because I was desperate to forget she ever existed.


The trouble with him is he never was supposed to belong to me…


Everyone assumes I have the perfect life. And why not? I’m Ava Edwards—daughter of billionaire mogul Lex Edwards.

I had everyone fooled until New Year’s Eve when my life fell apart.


Then he walked into the same bar looking just as devastatingly handsome as I remembered him.

A long-lost friend who I considered family—once upon a time.

But comfort led to more, and we made a mistake that changed both our lives forever.


In my head, I only see the look on my dad's face when I tell him.

Chances are the news will destroy my family.

And it’s all because of one forbidden night…


It was supposed to be a holiday, a trip of a lifetime to discover myself. 

But the truth is, I was running from life back home. 

And away from my best friend.


Andrew ‘Andy’ Baker is also family. 

At least—that’s how we were raised.


Then, I fell in love with life in London.

And I met Prince Charming. 

It all just fell into place until it didn’t.


But I took a vow.

And vows are not made to be broken, no matter how much it hurts to let go

of a man you’re in love with.

A man other than your husband…


I am nothing like my sisters.

The Edwards’ daughters have a reputation for falling in love under forbidden circumstances.

Not me, though.

I’m the calm, collected one and Daddy’s new favorite since I cause the least trouble.


This is all thanks to my long-time best friend, Cruz Cooper.

He’s every bit the crazy person I’m not and keeps me grounded with college despite his wild ways.


We have all these plans to live off-campus, then start our careers without wasting our best years caught up in toxic relationships.


Until the night we had dinner with his parents.

And his older brother walked in….

Masen Cooper.


He looked nothing like I remembered. Tall, muscular—sexy in ways I prefer not to think about. Yet five minutes spent with him, and he is clearly still the arrogant jerk who would taunt me as a kid.


Now, he has his eyes on me once again.

But this time, he wants to play a different type of game.

One which will force me to choose between two brothers…

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