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Dark Love Series
Chasing Love Discreet Book
Chasing Love Romance Book
Chasing Us Discreet Book
Chasing Us Romance Book
Chaisng Her Discreet Book
Chasing Her Romance Book
Chaisng Him Discreet Book
Chaisng Him Romance Book
Chasing Fate Discreet Book
Chaisng Fate Romance Book
Chasing Heartbreak
Chaisng Heartbreak



He was my best friend's older brother.

My first love, who left without so much as a goodbye.


Eight years later, I’ve said yes to marrying another man—the ever-so-perfect Julian Baker. I'm finally ready to let go of my past for a new future.


But like all gut-wrenching love triangles, my past and future collide in a cruel twist of fate. Inside a busy restaurant, he's sitting at the table next to me wearing a jealous stare. And I'm forced to face the man who destroyed my heart in high school. 


Lex Edwards, now billionaire tycoon, won't back down easily. He's ruthless, cunning, and no longer the sweet and loving college graduate studying to become a doctor. 


Just like me, our tumultuous affair broke him.


But now, he is hell-bent on winning me back. And Lex Edwards will stop at nothing to prove just how powerful our love is, even if it means we need to relive the past…

Chaisng Love Romance Book
Romance Book Fan Art
Dark Love Novella Series
Lex Romance Book
Charlotte Romance Book
Flower Shadow
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